Has your child been affected by neuroblastoma? Call 020 7284 0800 for help and information.


What is Solving Kids' Cancer and what does it do?

Can you tell me more about the research you sponsor?

Can you tell me more about the parent support services you offer?

Can you tell me more about the support groups and events that you run?


Can you help me fundraise for my child?

What is the best way to fundraise?

Why do you host fundraising appeals on the Solving Kids' Cancer website instead of JustGiving?

What is Gift Aid?

Do my donations qualify for Gift Aid?

My child has neuroblastoma and I want raise money to help him/her. What do I need to do get started?

What is the difference between an Appeal and a Journey?

What happens to the money that is raised by an Appeal or a Journey?

What can I do to be certain that donations will be used specifically for my child?

What treatment can you fund?

Can you help me find treatment outside the UK for my child and help arrange our travel and accommodation?

Will you pay my child’s treatment costs directly to the treating hospital?

What if my child needs urgent treatment when he/she is at the treating hospital that isn’t already covered by the financial grant? Will you pay?

Can you give me a step by step guide for setting up an Solving Kids' Cancer fundraising Appeal?

Can you give me a step by step guide for setting up a Solving Kids' Cancer fundraising Journey?

How much money does Solving Kids' Cancer spend on admin?

Why does Solving Kids' Cancer spend money on fundraising?

Are there any rules on what we can and cannot do in order to raise publicity about our Appeal or Journey?

Can I write a blog about my child’s treatment and our story?

Why are the Fundraising and Grant Terms and Conditions so long and formal looking? I just want to raise money to help my child.

What happens if we don’t reach the fundraising target for our Appeal?

What happens if we have raised money from the Journey but now need to spend it on treatment for my child?

How long can a Journey or Appeal last for?

What happens if my child relapses after those five years have passed and we need more money to pay for treatment?

What happens to any money left over after we have paid for the treatment costs?

In what circumstances might you close an Appeal or a Journey?

Are there any circumstances in which you will not accept donations?

What happens if my child dies?

Where can I find more information about palliative care for my child?

Can you help with funeral costs if my child dies?

Can you help with in memory fundraising if my child dies?

How will you use our personal data?

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