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Solving Kids’ Cancer supports children and families affected by neuroblastoma, a rare form of paediatric cancer. There are around 100 new cases of neuroblastoma each year, of which children are predominantly under 5 years old. We provide a range of specialist support services to families affected by neuroblastoma designed to equip them with the knowledge and resources they need to fight this disease. We also fund the ground-breaking neuroblastoma research that is essential to push treatment forward and improve outcomes for children.

Our focus activities fall in to three distinct areas:


We balance the immediate needs of families currently coping with neuroblastoma and the constantly evolving world of laboratory, pre-clinical and clinical research. By funding international clinical trial projects, we contribute to the development of new and innovative treatment; ultimately bringing better treatments into the clinic, increasing options for children and improving survival rates.

Family Support

Our Care and Connect team is dedicated to supporting families through all the unique challenges neuroblastoma presents; medical and financial, emotional and practical. We provide information and guidance on treatments, clinical trials and research taking place in the UK and overseas, to empower families to make informed choices about their child’s treatment. We connect families with each other for peer support, as well as with the leading neuroblastoma experts worldwide, so that families have a nexus of support throughout their journeys.

Access to Treatment

High-risk neuroblastoma has a high chance of relapse; and relapsed neuroblastoma has low survival rates. Where families wish to access a clinical trial abroad for their child, in the hope of helping them beat cancer, we support families to run public fundraising campaigns so that they can raise the costs of the treatment, as well as the associated costs of travelling abroad to access it.

As well as supporting individual children to access treatment abroad, we work hard to improve treatments and increase options here in the UK for children, for example, by challenging the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence to ensure children’s access to life-saving drugs isn’t hindered.


The charity grew out of a previous foundation called the 2Simple Trust, set up in April 2006 to help Jack Brown access a clinical trial in the USA to continue his neuroblastoma treatment. Jack had run out of treatment options here in the UK.

The success of Jack’s fundraising campaign saw the charity grow to help more and more families in need. This growth culminated in our becoming the Neuroblastoma Children’s Cancer Alliance UK in September 2011, where our role expanded from fundraising support for families to encompass broader family support, plus funding for cutting edge research.

In 2015, years of interaction, sharing resources and working together on research projects with the New York charity, Solving Kids’ Cancer, saw us change our name to Solving Kids’ Cancer (Europe).

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