Advances in Neuroblastoma Research (ANR)

ANR picture for webAdvances in Neuroblastoma Research (ANR) is a conference which occurs once every two years and represents the biggest global event for neuroblastoma researchers and clinicians. The 2014 event is held in Cologne, Germany and continuing the tradition of knowledge exchange in basic biological, translational and clinical research. With almost 700 neuroblastoma experts attending, the conference is an opportunity to hold conversations, meetings and gather together expertise on a scale which would be impossible otherwise.

ANR 2014 is therefore a great opportunity for neuroblastoma charities and other foundations attending. The NCCA UK will be there to represent INBRACED, the international research funding body of which we are a founding member. INBRACED is sponsoring the conference and will hold a stall at the event dedicated to making connections with the leading minds in neuroblastoma, bringing us closer to the aim of the group; better access to effective, low toxicity treatments. As we are led by the parents of children with neuroblastoma it is important for us to represent their interests and remain at the forefront of developments in the cancer.

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