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Lulu’s Appeal

Lulu in hospital

Happy, full of life, a whirlwind of loveliness, five-year-old Lulu just has a great big smile that lights up the world. But in January 2018, just months after starting school, she was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma and it had spread to her bones, bone marrow and lymphatic system. Lulu immediately started chemotherapy and surgery, and

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Jasmine’s Appeal

Cheeky and loving four-year-old Jasmine is a Princess to her parents and older brother, who she absolutely adores. She loves dancing, music and everything to do with the movie ‘Frozen’! Everyone that meets her falls in love. In January 2018, Jasmine was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma, an extremely aggressive childhood cancer that affects around 100

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Rosie Veronica Mitchell’s Urgent Appeal

Seven-year-old Rosie is a chatty, cheeky princess – everyone who meets her immediately falls in love with her, and she also takes no nonsense, in the nicest possible way! At the age of just 15 months, she was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma when a tumour was discovered below her eye. She fought hard through 18

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Oliver’s Urgent Appeal

Oliver looking into the camera and smiling

Oliver is a happy, cheeky and brave five-year-old boy who loves spending time and playing with his little brother and cousins. He absolutely loves lego, steam trains and Thomas the Tank Engine! But Oliver was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma in the first week of 2016. Following lengthy treatment and despite achieving remission, devastatingly Oliver relapsed

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Maya’s Urgent Appeal

Maya is a strong, stubborn girl, who knows what she wants and loves nothing more than playing with her baby dolls. She enjoys being outdoors and jumping on her trampoline. As the youngest child, she likes to boss her siblings around. Maya enjoys role-play like she’s the doctor and her grandad is the patient; she

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Breya’s Appeal

Little Breya has been fighting high-risk neuroblastoma since the age of 2. She now needs 8 vital scans not provided on the NHS, to regularly check that she’s still ok and act quickly if she’s not. In January 2017 a tumour was initially discovered on Breya’s adrenal gland and grew to consume the whole of

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Isla’s Appeal

We are delighted that Isla’s fundraising campaign with Solving Kids’ Cancer has raised more than the £155,000 target. This means that the funding is now in place for Isla to travel to the USA for a clinical trial and to cover the associated costs of treatment for its duration. Isla has been fighting high-risk neuroblastoma

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Team Lottie’s Appeal

Lottie has been fighting high-risk neuroblastoma since she was 2 ½. A happy little girl with a sweet wilful nature, she loves to create and adores anything pink and sparkly. Now 4 years old, Lottie has been responding well to frontline standard treatment and is due to finish immunotherapy mid-September 2017. This will mark the

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William’s Appeal

William is a typical ten-year-old boy – he loves computer games, Power Rangers and dragons. A fun day for William would involve playing on the trampoline with his sister, Elspeth and best friends, a family bike ride (joined by his black Labrador, Annie) and creating a world on Minecraft Multiplayer. He’s enjoying life and dreaming

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Zakky Brennan’s Appeal

Zakky was diagnosed with neuroblastoma a day before his 3rd birthday. He fell ill quickly and had to start treatment as a matter of urgency. His treatment has included; multiple infusions of different chemotherapy drugs; stem cell rescue; surgery; radiotherapy and immunotherapy. As well as this, he’s had multiple injections; blood tests; general anaesthetics; bone

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