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Phoebe Thomas’ Journey

Phoebe Thomas

Phoebe’s been fighting neuroblastoma since she was 9 months old. She is funny, inspiring, cheeky, determined and very cute.  She adores her big sister Amelie, who loves her to bits. After initially being diagnosed with stage 4s neuroblastoma, which in children under 12 months old can regress of its own accord, Phoebe’s disease progressed to

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Stanley’s Journey

31/10/17 On 30th October 2017, Stanley’s parents shared this message: “Last night at 10:55pm Stanley George passed away. I was sat on our family bed holding him in my arms with Paul holding his hand and Stanley snuggled into his Doggy. I had just sung him our “sleepytime” song and had his favourite music playing.

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Phelan’s Journey

19/09/17 On 13 September 2017, Phelan’s parents shared this message: “We are sorry to announce that Phelan grew his wings tonight. He fought a battle that only few are able to win. We are grateful to you all for the support.” Phelan is always smiling! He’s a cheeky, outgoing little boy, except when the demands

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Isabella’s Journey

Like most girls her age, 10-year-old Isabella enjoys Disney, crafting and playing with her friends. Strong and positive, her maturity is way beyond her years! Sadly however, Isabella has spent much of her childhood in hospital, fighting hard to be where she is today. She was diagnosed in October 2010 with high risk neuroblastoma, when

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Mia’s Journey

A strong willed, determined and loving little girl, Mia loves nothing more than playing and interacting with others. In May 2016, she was diagnosed with high risk neuroblastoma when she was 4 years old. Since then, she’s been through a multitude of aggressive treatments and procedures including 3 months of intensive chemotherapy, surgery, a stem

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Chloe’s Journey

Chloe had always been a bubbly healthy little girl, she was never ill. At 18 months her parents, Karen and Richard, took her to the doctor after she complained that her tummy hurt. On referral to a dietician, the advice was to stop giving Chloe cow’s milk and leave her on formula milk.

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Jacob’s Journey

12/12/17 On 9 December 2017, Jacob’s family shared this devastating message: “Just last week Jacob was kicking a football around with his much loved cousins. Today at 11am Jacob gained his Angel wings and joins all the other little soldiers who bravely fought neuroblastoma. As his parents we will never understand the speed at which

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Kira’s Journey

In January 2014, Kira, who was then 11 years old, began to periodically complain of feeling unwell. She had stabbing pains in her side and general abdominal area and would occasionally vomit. Over the following 7 months, Aud, Kira’s Mum, repeatedly took her to their local General Practitioner surgery. At times, in between visits, Kira’s

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Hayley’s Journey

Hayley was a healthy baby. It was her sister Jessica who caused the family great concern when she was diagnosed with stage 4s neuroblastoma as a baby. Thankfully, Jessica is now 5 years post treatment and in remission. That said, when Hayley was a few months old, her Mum and Dad, Zoe and Brian, did

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Jessica’s Journey

3-year-old Jessica had always been a healthy child until one day in 2011 when Jessica fell and bumped her chin at nursery.  Her family and nursery staff were concerned as the pupils in Jessica’s eyes had changed size. Jessica was taken to hospital and it was from this point onwards that the medical investigations began.

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