Charlie’s Journey

Charlie was born on the 28th July 2011. He was a very happy baby always laughing and playing with his sister Emily. He was never ill and met all of his developmental milestones.

In the month leading up to the initial diagnosis, Charlie became unwell. He was very pale, had no appetite and had stopped eating. His abdomen had also doubled in size. During this time Charlie’s mother, Chrissy took him on three separate occasions to their GP. It was on the fourth visit to that Charlie was sent to the local hospital.

He immediately underwent a number of tests which was when a tumour was discovered. It was then that Charlie’s parents were given the devastating news that a large cancerous mass had been found in Charlie’s abdomen and his parents were told he had Stage 3 high risk neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer.

“On my own when I was told, my world just stopped”, said Crissy Coggan, Charlie’s mother.

“All I could think was that this was it; I was going to lose my little boy. Why him? What had he done to deserve this? He hasn’t had a life, it’s not fair.
It’s still early days. It’s very hard seeing your child begin chemotherapy but we will get there. Charlie is a little fighter who we all love to bits.
We are fundraising for children with neuroblastoma and Charlie should he need it. Please help to give my beautiful son the best chance of life.”

Terms and Conditions for Journeys

All donations are paid into Solving Kids’ Cancer Europe’s general funds to further its general charitable purposes. The funds raised by this Journey are not restricted for the child’s use. However, the trustees of SKC have agreed to designate 93% of funds raised by this Journey to help the child and their family pay for potential future treatment costs and all other associated costs including travel and accommodation. We will use the remaining 7% to pay for some of SKC’s administrative and fundraising costs.

If the child no longer needs the funds, or if the trustees decide, at their absolute discretion, that the funds should be used for a different purpose, they may redesignate all or part of the 93% for SKC’s general charitable purposes. We are very grateful for your charitable donation.

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