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£198,656 donated of £155,000 goal

William is a typical ten-year-old boy – he loves computer games, Power Rangers and dragons. A fun day for William would involve playing on the trampoline with his sister, Elspeth and best friends, a family bike ride (joined by his black Labrador, Annie) and creating a world on Minecraft Multiplayer. He’s enjoying life and dreaming of the future but, at the same time, fighting for it.

When William was four years old he was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma, and he’s been through intensive treatment to fight it. He’s achieved remission twice but relapsed three times, most recently in April 2018. He’s now accessing treatment which will hopefully prevent a further relapse.

William had responded amazingly well to treatment after his second relapse – two cycles of ICE, an incredibly aggressive chemotherapy regime, followed by an antibody with chemotherapy combination. He regained remission and took “a large leap across the pond” to New York for the Bivalent Vaccine clinical trial at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

He received four out of the seven vaccines and the family returned to the UK for their reassessment scans, but devastatingly they showed his disease had returned. It means that William no longer meets the protocol criteria and has had to come off the vaccine trial.

The family were supported by their clinicians in both the UK and the US to research treatment options and have already travelled to Barcelona where William will initially receive six cycles of Hu3f8 antibody treatment at the Sant Joan De Deu Children’s Hospital – the aim to detect and destroy neuroblastoma cells that have survived chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Everyone hopes the Hu3f8 antibody will clear the new areas of the disease and William will be back in remission.
The family were appealing for your help to raise £155k to access the clinical trial in New York, cover the associated costs (e.g. travel and accommodation) and to ensure a contingency fund for any unforeseen complications.

“A mother and father’s love for their child has to be the most tremendous force. From the depths of misery, we will scale walls, fight ferocious beasts and defend and protect our most sacred being… our child”, William’s parents, Douglas and Gillian.

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William’s fundraising campaign

Relapse rates for high-risk neuroblastoma are high, and the survival rate for relapsed neuroblastoma is less than 10%. This statistic worsens with every relapse. Relapsed neuroblastoma is particularly challenging to treat and there are limited options to treat it; all of which exist in the form of clinical trials, some in the UK and some abroad. Many families just like William’s will choose for their child to access these experimental therapies in the hope that they will help keep cancer away.

By supporting William’s fundraising campaign, you’ll be helping him to access further treatment if needed, which his family are hopeful will help maintain his remission.

How you can help

There are many ways you can help William; by making a personal donation; holding a fundraiser; getting sponsored to take on a challenge; or simply following and sharing William’s story through his Facebook page.

Download our free William resources (below) to support your fundraising, and click here for even more resources, including fundraising ideas, templates and guidance.

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Sponsorship form

To donate by text, send “WILLIAMLEFORT” followed by any whole amount up to £20 to 70085. This will cost your donation plus your standard network charge. It won’t matter if you leave a space before the number, if you include a ‘£’ sign or whether you use upper or lower case.

If you’d like help supporting William’s campaign, please get in touch with the fundraising team on 0207 284 0800 | fundraising@solvingkidscancer.org.uk.

“We no longer ask how and why. Instead, we use every ounce of our energy to help William fight this aggressive disease”, say Gillian and Douglas.

Terms and Conditions for Appeals

All donations are paid into Solving Kids’ Cancer’s (SKC) general funds to further its general charitable purposes. The funds raised by this Appeal are not restricted for the child’s use. However, the trustees of SKC have agreed to designate 90% of funds raised by this Appeal to help pay for treatment costs and all other associated costs including travel and accommodation. We will use the remaining 10% to pay for Solving Kids’ Cancer’s administrative and fundraising costs.

If: the child no longer needs the funds; the fundraising target is exceeded; insufficient funds are raised to fund the treatment; or if the trustees decide, at their absolute discretion, that the funds should be used for a different purpose, they may redesignate all or part of the 90% for SKC’s general charitable purposes. We are very grateful for your charitable donation.

For further information about SKC and how we spend donations, please contact info@solvingkidscancer.org.uk.

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