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Typical Day Volunteer Account

I was recently asked ‘what is a typical day like volunteering with Solving Kids Cancer? Having thought about it for a short period of time I came to the conclusion that there is no such thing as a typical day volunteering with Solving Kids Cancer. Each week sees me placed in different locations, such as our office in Old Street, or out fundraising at one of our many partnership locations, such as Sainsbury’s in Fleet Street or Tesco in Hackney. Furthermore, as a corporate research volunteer, I get to see the results of my research and my work. For example, I recently participated in an event for SKC called Selfie Gold, held at Sainsbury’s Fleet Street. Prior to the event, I helped ensure the event was prepared for smoothly by providing the raffle tickets and bringing the props/collection bucket.

I’m also involved in helping the charity expand its interests and enter into new partnerships. Following on from our successful partnership with Sainsbury’s Fleet Street, we are attempting to work with Marks and Spencer’s. Having been named Charity of the Year for 2015/16 for a local Simply Foods store, we are hoping to be named again for 2016/17, and are working towards that end. Having discovered that they already work with reputable cancer charities such as Breast Cancer Now and Macmillan Cancer Support, we are passionate about them becoming involved with a charity that deals with cancer in Children.

Essentially, volunteering with SKC is a combination of field and office work, and can be a great way to build on your previously held skills, and develop new ones along the way. It is a challenging but fun and fulfilling experience, and even though it is unpaid, the level of responsibility placed on you feels like a normal job, and makes the experience all the more rewarding.

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