Eileidh Paterson

Eileidh Paterson was diagnosed with high risk neuroblastoma in May 2014.  Little Eileidh has spent much of her time in hospital undergoing gruelling treatment, regularly experiencing very difficult side effects.

Throughout this time, Eileidh’s mother Gail has been researching the American clinical drug trial which is designed to prevent a further relapse of her daughter’s disease.  The threat of relapse is significantly higher for those children who, like Eileidh, are diagnosed with the high risk form of the disease.

Eileidh could start this clinical trial in the USA in a matter of weeks so long as her next set of scans show no evidence of disease.  Eileidh has now completed her treatment in the UK and is waiting to have these all important scans.

In the meantime, the fundraising drive to raise sufficient funds for Eileidh to access the drug trial has gathered huge momentum. Through Gail’s hard work and determination she has worked at all levels with the press and media to publicise Eileidh’s story. Sometimes this involved a hectic schedule of back to back interviews, but has really helped make others aware of Eileidh’s appeal.

Thank you to everyone who has so far donated or organised events. Events so far have included the Highland Cycle, The Forres Fireman Car Wash and an auction of fish from Hopeman Fishermen, to name just a few. Every donation and event really is making a difference and so far more than £50,000 has been raised after a wonderful anonymous donation of £20,000 was made to Eileidh’s Appeal!

We wish Eileidh the very best with her forthcoming scans and will update supporters on her progress through our social media.