It’s a waiting game for Eileidh’s family

Back in hospital, Eileidh’s family are anxiously awaiting news on a number of issues; the effectiveness of her recent chemotherapy, the cause of her oral bleeding, and next steps for treatment.

Eileidh suffered a second relapse at the start of February after her Mum, Gail, found a lump under her jaw. Sadly there is likely no ‘cure’ for Eileidh, but doctors are continuing to explore every treatment option possible.

This includes chemotherapy: Eileidh completed her first 5-day block a little over a week ago, which had started to shrink the tumour. However, on returning home the tumour began to grow again, quickly resuming its normal size and placing pressure on Eileidh’s jaw, causing concerns that the chemotherapy wasn’t working. In another frightening episode at home, Gail was woken up to Eileidh’s screaming before she vomited. When Gail entered Eileidh’s room, there was blood everywhere. Doctors believed this was due to a split in one of her tumours, the blood coming from a cut at the very bottom of Eileidh’s cheek.

While the cut has thankfully healed, the growth is now beginning to push on her teeth and loosen them, putting Eileidh at risk of inhaling them, and doctors are still not certain as to whether it was the cut, the pressure on her teeth, or the chemotherapy that caused the bleeding. Worse, CT and PET scans yesterday confirmed disease in her jaw, lymph nodes, pelvis and left femur.

Back in hospital so doctors can get her pain under control and monitor the cause of the bleeding, Eileidh and her family are waiting for more test results to see if there are any further tumours. Doctors are also pushing forward with a second block of chemotherapy to test if it is working. If this shows no progress, Eileidh will instead undergo radiotherapy in the hope of controlling the symptoms.

Our thoughts are with this brave fighter and her family during this troubled time. Their courage and positivity throughout their struggles is an inspiration.