Kaylum Ryan

Kaylum Ryan has been having a very tough time recently having had neuro surgery to remove a tumour from his brain at Bristol Children’s Hospital. The operation was thankfully successful and Kaylum slowly began to recover well enough to go home before starting more treatment. He had only been at home for a couple of days when Leanne, Kaylum’s mum, became very concerned. Leanne says, “Kaylum was in absolute agony and couldn’t walk so we had to take him back to hospital.” Kaylum’s oncology team feared there may be a new solid tumour on his spine and Kaylum immediately had an MRI scan. Much to Leanne’s relief, no new solid tumour was detected but the family are now waiting to hear back from Kaylum’s lumber puncture to see whether there is disease in the spine or not. Kaylum has completed another round of chemotherapy since then and has also started his radiotherapy sessions on his brain and spine. Everyone is astounded by Kaylum’s ability to lie still for 40 minutes with a mask around his head. Leanne is so proud of her little boy and shared this message on their Kisses for Kaylum Facebook page, “Please keep praying for our little soldier and thank you again for your continued support. I don’t know how we would get through this without it.”

If you would like to show your support or make a donation to Kaylum visit his Facebook page, ‘Kisses for Kaylum’ or Text KAYR77 £1-£10 to 70070