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We can defeat neuroblastoma, but not without action

We are appealing for your help to advance our work, which is to identify and fund neuroblastoma research, and advocate for positive change to find a cure for children affected by this cruel disease. Within the last week it has taken two beautiful souls, Bradley Lowery and Eileidh Paterson. They hadn’t even got started in

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Neuroblastoma fighter Bradley Lowery goes with the angels

As a charity dedicated to fighting neuroblastoma, we are devastated to learn of Bradley’s passing. Like many, we have followed his journey, admiring his courage and spirit but deeply saddened by his plight at the hands of this disease. Neuroblastoma has taken another innocent child, starkly reinforcing the fact that we need more help to

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My journey started with wee Oscar…

Back in 2012 I learnt about wee Oscar Knox. He had been diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a rare and aggressive childhood cancer. I started to follow his story through the updates his parents would share through social media and couldn’t help but feel for them all; it seemed so unfair. They were fundraising with Solving Kids’

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Anti-GD2 Antibody Therapy Update, March 2017

Unituxin | dinutuximab | ch14.18/SP2/0 Unitixun™, manufactured by United Therapeutics Corporation (UTC) in the United States of America has been completely withdrawn from Europe due to ongoing supply shortages. European marketing authorization has been withdrawn, and the NICE appraisal process suspended indefinitely. Unituxin is the so-called US anti-GD2 antibody, developed by the National Cancer Institute

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Neuroblastoma, labelled a rare disease

Neuroblastoma is labelled rare because there are 95 new cases each year. What does rare mean for us? That we must work harder to expose it and fight it! Despite its label, neuroblastoma is the most frequent type of cancer diagnosed in the first year of life. Each new diagnosis means a family destroyed, a childhood stolen, pain and suffering. Survival

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Resignation from the Board of Trustees for Solving Kids’ Cancer

After 5 years of voluntary service Allison Hyde has decided to step down from the Board of Solving Kids’ Cancer. Allison firstly became a Trustee of the charity, subsequently becoming our Chair; her selfless dedication to the work was undoubted and it goes without saying that Solving Kids’ Cancer could not have survived without her

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It’s a waiting game for Eileidh’s family

Back in hospital, Eileidh’s family are anxiously awaiting news on a number of issues; the effectiveness of her recent chemotherapy, the cause of her oral bleeding, and next steps for treatment. Eileidh suffered a second relapse at the start of February after her Mum, Gail, found a lump under her jaw. Sadly there is likely

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Road to Lisbon

To mark the 50th anniversary of Celtic FC’s greatest ever triumph – their 1967 European Cup victory – one group of supporters are preparing a momentous event in memory of that famous night in Portugal. The Road to Lisbon. An incredible group of 28 cycling Celts will take part in this historic event, which will

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A perfect storm

Globally, one child per million is diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma every year. Solving Kids’ Cancer is working to ensure that child can beat the odds The most common extracranial solid tumour in childhood, and arguably one of the least well-known, neuroblastoma is a cancer of the sympathetic nervous system which occurs in infants more often than

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Blaydon Under 11s raise £1,700 in memory of Ben Lee

Over the last few weeks Blaydon Rugby Club’s Under 11s have been raising money for Solving Kids’ Cancer in memory of Ben Lee, taking part in a charity conversion-a-thon, bag packing, raffle and other sponsored events, and recently we were presented with a cheque of £1,700! Youth Team Chairman Paul Vinnicombe said he was very

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