Leah’s Story

Working at SKC

Whilst working at SKC I took on a number of different jobs from supporting bake sales and bucket collections to providing administrative support to the finance director and managing a corporate research project. One of things I enjoyed most about working at SKC was the variety of roles that were offered to me. The work was always flexible and I was encouraged to speak up if there was a new area I wanted to explore. I particularly appreciated being given my own project to work on as this allowed me to explore my research skills and feel fully responsible for a piece of work.

Throughout my time at the office, whilst I was expected to work independently I always felt fully supported by all members of staff if I ever had a query. It was particularly useful to have Rebekah (the Fundraising Administrator) as a support system and first port of call if I ever felt out of my depth. She was hugely accommodating and helpful whether it came to new work I wanted to try, or changing my hours to fit other commitments.

Working at SKC has helped me to develop a number of skills, from using a database and spreadsheets, to finding the best ways to engage the public to donate to a cause. It has been really interesting learning about how a small charity like SKC is run and about all the important work that goes on behind the scenes. I have really enjoyed being a part of such a dynamic and friendly team and would recommend volunteering here to anyone.

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