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Little Eileidh Paterson’s family in search for ways to stop cancer coming back

A Moray youngster who is battling cancer has travelled the length of the UK as her family searches for ways to prevent the disease returning.

Eileidh Paterson was first diagnosed with high risk neuroblastoma two years ago, but she overcame the illness last summer and embarked on a series of trips to America aimed at reducing the risk of a relapse.

However, it emerged that Eileidh’s cancer had returned in May and she spent months undergoing intense chemotherapy in Aberdeen.

The four-year-old is now on course to conquer the illness once more, when her current programme of treatment ends next spring.

But doctors have warned Eileidh’s mum, Gail Paterson, that her daughter would face a heightened chance of relapsing again having already suffered two bouts of cancer.

Ms Paterson, Eileidh and her older sister Cerys flew from Inverness to Luton on Friday to attend the Solving Kids Cancer charity’s annual conference in Chesham.

The gathering allows parents the opportunity to speak with experts in the field from across the globe, and to learn about new medicines.

The Patersons returned to their Forres home last night, having spent a rewarding weekend learning about possible methods of keeping Eileidh’s cancer from coming back.

Ms Paterson said: “It was really informative, and I’m now going to speak with our doctor about a vaccination being pioneered in New York that sounds like it could be good for Eileidh.

“She has treatment options if she relapses again, but we want to do everything possible to stop that from happening.

“As her mum, I need to know that I have done all I can for her, and this vaccine is showing positive results.”

The trip was Eileidh’s first flight since she last visited America, in the spring.

The youngster, who has a fondness for planes, was just as excited about the journey as she was about getting to play with other children at the conference.

Ms Paterson added: “Eileidh loves flying, and she couldn’t wait to get on the plane.

“She had a great time at the conference too, as they have entertainment for children while the parents are busy.”

Eileidh’s trips to America were funded by kind-hearted north-east residents who raised £125,000 to pay for her place on a drugs course in Michigan.

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