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We’re asking you to give up just ONE thing for a whole month for Mind over Matter March. Maybe you’ve got a guilty pleasure you want to show what for? Perhaps you’re desperate to show the people that know you best that you CAN live without it… well Mind over Matter March is the time to take action.

Cancer forces children to give up so many wonderful childhood experiences; going to school, playing with friends and simply spending time at home instead of in hospital. By taking part in Mind over Matter March you’ll be showing your support and helping raise funds to give families and children hope for the future.

So what do you need to do?

  • Identify what you’re going to give up – we know it’s hard!
  • Promise to give ‘it’ up for the month of March – just a month!
  • Tell us you’re taking part by registering below – we want to support you
  • Tell your friends, family and colleagues what you’re giving up – they’ll surely sympathise – and ask them to sponsor you!
  • Encourage them to join you and give up the ultimate sacrifice themselves – not least for moral support
  • Download and proudly share you Mind over Matter March badge on social media!
  • At the end of March, give yourself a huge pat on the back – you’ll deserve it – and pay in yours funds raised

You can download here your Mind over Matter badge and your sponsorship form to kick start your fundraising. Visit Justgiving to set up a fundraising page if you’d like to receive online donations.

For questions and support of any kind, contact the fundraising team: 020 7284 0800 | info@solvingkidscancer.org.uk

Register to take part here!

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