NCCA UK Featured on Channel 4

‘KEVIN’S SUPERSIZED SALVAGE’ – 9pm, Thursday 24th April, Channel 4


Tonight in a 90 minute documentary, Kevin McCloud will challenge three designers to turn an Airbus 320 into hundreds of amazing new products which will be sold to raise money for the NCCA UK. The donor of the plane – Kevin O’Hare – saw his daughter diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2011, aged just 22 months. His work with Kevin McCloud and NCCA UK intends to raise funds for and awareness of neuroblastoma.

Katie O’Hare’s story

In January 2011, aged just 21 months, Katie developed a limp, fell in the shower for no obvious reason and by the end of the week could no longer walk.   An MRI scan showed a 9cm tumour on her spine.  Katie was immediately admitted to the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle suffering from neuroblastoma.    Rounds of treatment over two years culminated in a complex and dangerous operation to remove the growing tumour in January 2013.   This was successful and Katie is gradually recovering.

Katie’s parents think she had a lucky escape.  For many children the outlook is very poor.     Most have frontline (chemotherapy) treatment after which a significant number will relapse. Relapsed neuroblastoma is very hard to treat and options here in the UK are limited.    Many families opt for treatment abroad which runs into hundreds of thousands of pounds which they are then faced with raising themselves.   Because neuroblastoma is a relatively rare cancer, it is hard for governments and pharmaceutical organisations to treat it as a priority for funding.

Bettina Bungay-Balwah, Chief Executive of the NCCA UK says:  “We are so grateful for this opportunity to raise awareness of neuroblastoma.  The money raised will be used for international research into the disease and to help families of children suffering from neuroblastoma right now.”

Kevin O’Hare says:  “People don’t want to even think about children having cancer.  But having spent time on the children’s oncology ward I can see that more needs to be done to help those struggling with it.  Donating the aircraft was something practical we could do to help – and the programme means people won’t be able to look the other way and pretend childhood cancer doesn’t exist.”

Tune in tonight to see the amazing pieces that have been made.