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Neuroblastoma, labelled a rare disease

Neuroblastoma is labelled rare because there are 95 new cases each year. What does rare mean for us? That we must work harder to expose it and fight it!

Despite its label, neuroblastoma is the most frequent type of cancer diagnosed in the first year of life. Each new diagnosis means a family destroyed, a childhood stolen, pain and suffering.

Survival rates across all paediatric cancers have more than doubled since 1970, yet for neuroblastoma, survival rates lag significantly behind the average. Its rarity doesn’t lessen its impact, but it does deny children and families the tools they need to fight the disease most effectively. We can change that by working together.

Rare Disease Day is a chance to shine a spotlight on neuroblastoma and on the impact it has on those fighting it. It’s also a chance to take action to help support families like Charlotte’s and to fund kinder, more effective treatments for children like Lottie. #SolvingKidsCancerTogether can change the story for all children. Please join us.


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