Neuroblastoma Parent Conference 2012

The first ever Neuroblastoma Parent Conference was held at the Thistle City Barbican Hotel in central London on 6th October 2012.  Delegates heard from leading neuroblastoma researchers from the US, UK, Germany and the Netherlands. Many of the speakers simultaneously attended the SIOP conference sponsored by the International Society of Paediatric Oncologists on 5-8th October in London.


Conference speakers included:

Prof Andrew Pearson, Cancer Research UK Professor of Paediatric Oncology at the Royal Marsden Hospital.

Professor Pearson’s research focuses on improving the outcome of children with poor prognosis cancers, such as neuroblastoma, by introducing into the clinic new anti-cancer drugs, underpinned by strong pre-clinical and clinical research. He has a strong interest in neuroblastoma and the development of novel therapeutics for high risk neuroblastoma.

Prof John Maris of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Professor Maris is the Giulio D’Angio Chair in Neuroblastoma Research; Director, Centre for Childhood Cancer Research and Professor of Paediatrics, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

Dr Giselle Sholler of the Van Andel Institute, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Dr Sholler is Co-Director of the Paediatric Oncology Program, Associate Professor in the Centre for Cancer Genomics and Quantitative Biology, and Head of the Laboratory of Neuroblastoma Translational Research. She is jointly appointed as the director of the Innovative Therapeutics Clinic in the Division of Paediatric Oncology. Dr Sholler is chair of the Neuroblastoma and Medulloblastoma Translational Research Consortium and is a guest researcher within the Paediatric Oncology Branch at the National Cancer Institute.

Dr Julie Park of Seattle Children’s Hospital, Washington, USA.

Associate professor in paediatrics at the University of Washington School of Medicine; associate in the Clinical Research Division at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre and director of the paediatric haematology-oncology fellowship at the University of Washington. Dr Park is an active member of the Children’s Oncology Group Consortium (COG) and as vice chair of the COG Neuroblastoma Scientific Committee provides leadership for the development of neuroblastoma clinical research within the consortium.

Dr Lieve Tytgat, representing Dr Huib Caron, professor and head of the Department of Paediatric Oncology of the Children’s Oncology biologietak at Innovative Therapies for Children with Cancer at the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Dr Caron’s work focuses on improving the cure rates for children with cancer by developing new treatments and better risk stratification of current treatments, and reducing side-effects for survivors by maximising the evidence-base for treatment decisions and guidelines for early detection and intervention.

Prof Dr Rupert Handgretinger, a Paediatric Oncologist and Professor of Haematology and Oncology in Paediatrics at the Tübingen University Hospital in Germany and medical director of the same department in the Clinic of Child and Adolescent Medicine.

Prior to his work at Tübingen Prof Handgretinger spent five years as Head of Stem Cell Transplantation at St. Jude Children’s Hospital in the USA. Much of his work has focused on stem cell transplantation and the role Natural Killer Cells. Prof Handgretinger has researched and worked with Natural Killer cells for twenty years.

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