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Our research strategy must balance the immediate needs of families currently coping with neuroblastoma and the constantly evolving world of burgeoning laboratory, pre-clinical and clinical research.

This balance is best achieved through clear and measurable short, medium and long term goals. As international cooperation is necessary to bring about significant advances in this rare cancer, much of the NCCA UK’s wider research strategy is appropriately delivered through the INBRACED initiative

Short term goals

–          Ensure that the best internationally available trials and treatments are accessible to UK families with as little fundraising as possible

–          Introduce new clinical trials to the UK which will represent new options for continued treatment

–          Build relationships with, and support collaborations between, neuroblastoma experts

Medium term goals

–          Increase funding of the ‘next generation’ of neuroblastoma therapies, including new novel immunotherapies and molecularly targeted drug development

–          Increase participation in new clinical trials by extending simultaneous trials across Europe and the United States as widely as possible

–          Gather reliable and up-to-date data on neuroblastoma diagnoses, relapses and refractory cases in the UK in order to target the areas of greatest need

–          Support, and build relationships with, junior neuroblastoma researchers to ensure the charity maintains contact with the influential voices of the future

Long term goals

–          Play an establishing and coordinating role in the delivery of a UK translational research network

–          Facilitate the feeding of this network into an international, molecularly driven clinical trial

–          Extend deliverable clinical trials to less medically developed countries to improve treatment worldwide and vastly increase clinical trial participation

These broad goals can be drawn out into a number of different categories such as:

–          Projects best delivered by NCCA UK

–          Projects best delivered by INBRACED

–          Laboratory research

–          Pre-clinical research

–          Clinical research

–          Data collection

–          Infrastructure projects

The graphic below displays the diversity of the NCCA UK’s research interests and the development towards long term goals in each area. Alongside the progression towards our long-term goals for lab, pre-clinical and clinical research the NCCA UK is continuously open for research proposals and investing in the infrastructure surrounding neuroblastoma treatment.

To find out how you can submit a research proposal please click here.

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