Paediatric drug development

As part of our advocacy work, Solving Kids’ Cancer (Europe) is collaborating with clinicians, industry, and charity partners to aid in the lobbying effort to change the legislation surrounding ‘waivers’ that allow pharmaceutical companies to avoid trialling new drugs in children if the disease is not found in paediatrics. This has been demonstrated as damaging to the development of paediatric drugs as some companies have been handed waivers for drugs that, ultimately, proved useful against childhood cancers.  As part of the Paediatric Oncology Platform, alongside Unite2Cure, we are part of a team developing a report to be submitted to the European Commission to highlight the huge need for change in these regulations. Our unique angle representing parents at this level makes us a valuable asset to this team by bringing a voice that will grab the attention of the legislators in Brussels.

We recently participated in a round-table meeting on the subject to determine next-steps and how to engage the pharmaceutical industry along with the EU to drive change in regulations. We have another meeting as part of the team before the end of the year with a view to publish the report at the beginning of 2016.