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Continuous Research Program (CRP) Application

The Continuous Research Program Application allows researchers to apply for funds at any time from the NCCA UK. There is no closing date or time limit for applications.

The application is a two part process.

The first part of the process is to complete the application form, ‘Continuing Research Application Form’ – a short form titled Letter of Intent (LOI) (together will some auxiliary information) that describes the basic ideas of the research proposal. The form and information should be downloaded from the NCCA UK website.

Download the form Letter of Intent (LOI)
Download the information Continuing Research Application Form

The completed form should be submitted by email to This email address should also be used for any enquiries regarding completing the form.
The charity will reply to say an application has been received and will respond with any questions or clarifications. The internal process of review of the LOI will be completed in 8 weeks maximum and response sent to the email address supplied with the application.

The final response to the LOI will be either a rejection or an invitation to make a full application. Materials and information for the Continuous Research Program (CRP) will be sent by email to the applicant with the invitation to apply.

The applicant has two months to complete the application and send by email to The review process for the CRP should last no longer than 4 months.

The Letter of Intent (LOI) form will include the following sections:

Research Project Summary

As well as the titles of the research project and principal applicant, this will include contact information and an abstract of 150 words maximum and 1000 words (max.) describing the project. Included in this section should be a justification for the un-met need as well as some background information. Any pre-clinical or relevant clinical data should be included here. Any need for the development or processing of agents to be used must be made clear here.

Research Project Approach

Describe the expertise needed to accomplish this trial including efforts needed to ensure patient enrolment. Provisional timeline for the project including dates from notification of award to first patient enrolment and first patient treated with new agent/treatment. An estimated budget for the project should be included here.

Key Personnel and Literature references

Information on the key personnel and the applicant as well as a listing of relevant literature references should be included.