INBRACED (International Neuroblastoma Research and Collaboration for Effective Delivery) is a new collaboration between charities, researchers and clinicians with the shared aim of accelerating the development of new, more effective therapies for neuroblastoma. Central to the group’s activities is the introduction of standardised international clinical trials.

Much of the Solving Kids’ Cancer’s work in research is done through INBRACED, as international cooperation is so important in rare cancers like neuroblastoma.

The founding members of INBRACED are three paediatric cancer charities that focus on neuroblastoma. They are:

Solving Kids’ Cancer (Europe)

Solving Kids’ Cancer (US)

Joining Against Cancer in Kidz (J-A-C-K)

It represents the first time three such charities have joined in funding neuroblastoma research on an international, multi-centre scale. INBRACED is constantly seeking new member organisations all over the globe.

The aim of INBRACED is to develop more effective treatments for neuroblastoma through international collaboration. Researchers will test potential treatments with the ultimate goal of developing effective new options for children with high-risk neuroblastoma globally. The first grant to be awarded under the scheme is for nearly $500,000. The development of treatments which promote lasting remission in neuroblastoma is crucial as a large percentage of children with the cancer either do not respond to treatments or suffer dangerous relapses. There are limited treatment options in the most serious cases, and clinical trials often represent the best option to families who have reached the end of typical therapy. 60% of children with cancer now participate in clinical trials as part of their treatment, compared with 5% of adults with cancer.

INBRACED forms partnerships with existing charities and consortia to increase participation and international cooperation in clinical trials.

INBRACED differs from pre-existing groups in that it will fund and manage projects delivered in different centres worldwide. Presently, there is no widely recognised global therapeutic alliance for neuroblastoma. INBRACED partners actively reach out to experts and charities internationally, not only to assist with the sharing of information and cultivation of collaborations, but also to manage joint initiatives across borders.

The first INBRACED clinical trial is due to open this year

INBRACED runs an annual request for proposals and the first grant to be awarded under the scheme is for nearly $500,000.

This grant was made to a new immunotherapy trial which will run simultaneously in one American, one British and one European centre. This represents the first time that neuroblastoma charities from different countries have successfully collaborated to fund an international clinical trial.

INBRACED is supporting ambitious international projects

Beginning in the UK, INBRACED is working closely with leading minds in neuroblastoma to improve the infrastructure of treatment and create a national translational research network.

In the medium to long term, INBRACED aims to explore how national networks can interact with international ones and what potential there is for major projects such as international molecularly driven trials. INBRACED is building the connections and relationships required to deliver such projects.

INBRACED takes an active role in drug development

INBRACED is reaching out, and being approached by, the pharmaceuticals industry. INBRACED partners now play a commissioning role in the development of promising new drugs for neuroblastoma that would otherwise struggle to reach the market.

INBRACED approaches, and is increasingly approached by, small to medium size pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies interested in their new agent’s potential to be the subject of an INBRACED multi-centre trial.

INBRACED needs your help to beat neuroblastoma

INBRACED is constantly building its network of charities, researchers, clinicians and parents. If you are interested in our request for proposals, the INBRACED website, our clinical trials or anything else visit or contact