Solving Kids’ Cancer actively pursues more effective and less toxic therapies, to achieve improvements in survival and quality of cure for children diagnosed with neuroblastoma. We initiate ideas, collaborate with senior experts in the field, and fund best-in-class clinical research; providing benefit to children fighting neuroblastoma now as well as advancing the scientific understanding and treatment of the disease for future children.

As a parent-led charity working for and on behalf of children and families affected by neuroblastoma we put the patient voice right at the very heart of our research funding. We’re passionate about not only funding research, but about shaping and steering what that research is using our knowledge and insight gained as parents and from the patient community. This concept is known as research advocacy.

Using this approach, we identify current unmet needs and work to find, prioritise and advance breakthrough research to match those needs as efficiently and effectively as possible. By addressing gaps in the current system, and areas where there are a lack of existing therapeutic options, we can push for more and better clinical trials. With the ultimate aim of improving outcomes and curing more children with neuroblastoma.