Solving Kids’ Cancer supports families to raise funds to access treatment and clinical trials not yet available in the UK. In instances where funds are no longer required for a particular child’s treatment path, a significant proportion will be used to fund research to benefit other children with neuroblastoma in the UK.

Additionally, some families work with Solving Kids’ Cancer to raise money specifically to fund research, by electing to set up a uniquely branded Restricted Named Research Fund in honour of their child. These Restricted Named Research Funds are a simple and effective way for families to make a positive difference in the name of their child, contributing to the critically important work Solving Kids’ Cancer does to help provide more and better treatment options available to children closer to home in the UK. At the same time using a Solving Kids’ Cancer Restricted Named Research Fund removes the significant administrative burden that comes with setting up and running your own charity.

The current Restricted Named Research Funds at Solving Kids’ Cancer are the Oscar Knox Fund and Smiles For Stanley Fund. If you would like to find out about doing something similar, please contact our fundraising team by emailing or calling 020 7284 0800.