Our Research Focus

Solving Kids’ Cancer has 3 key research objectives, as laid out in our Strategic Plan 2017-2022:

  1. To provide children and young people with neuroblastoma more and better treatment options in the UK;
  2. To facilitate access to the best available treatments and most promising clinical trials;
  3. To support and enable best-in-class clinical research, accessible in the UK.

We play a leading role bringing insight from those impacted by neuroblastoma and working in partnership with prominent researchers and clinical experts, to increase, shape, and accelerate UK-based neuroblastoma research.  By influencing the clinical trial environment – and by increasing our own research funding – we will increase the UK’s clinical trial footprint and make sure more children can access innovative therapies closer to home.

The focus of our Research Strategy is on finding new and innovative therapeutic approaches to the treatment of neuroblastoma, which are more effective and less toxic than standard therapies. We are working to address the following as significant unmet needs – to deliver more and better options for children with relapsed or refractory neuroblastoma, and to identify the population of children with neuroblastoma where there are currently no available clinical trials.  As well as improving the cure rate for neuroblastoma we aim to reduce the burden of treatment children with neuroblastoma have to suffer; as well as the long-term side effects which can be severe, life-threatening, and have a significant impact on a child’s quality of life.

We fund clinical research (clinical trials) that will benefit future children by advancing scientific understanding of this disease, whilst providing options that will potentially benefit children currently receiving therapy for neuroblastoma the most. This will result in more children living longer and an increased number of children being cured of their disease.

A full copy of our Research Strategy is available here.