Conflicts Of Interest

Solving Kids’ Cancer has developed a fair, robust, and transparent grant award process in line with the principles laid out by the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC).

We have taken significant steps to avoid the possibility of conflicts of interest arising in our grant review and award process where possible, and where these are unavoidable because of the nature of our work we have committed to managing them in a fair and transparent manner.

This has been particularly important for us as a funder of neuroblastoma research, as due to the limited size of the neuroblastoma research community there is a significant possibility that conflicts of interest (real or perceived) may arise. In order to protect Solving Kids’ Cancer, those who work for it, and its Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) from any perception, real or otherwise, that the external interests and affiliations of its staff, trustees and SAB members might interfere with their impartiality and ability to work towards the furtherance of the charity’s objectives; we’ve created a comprehensive Conflict of Interest Policy.

SAB members are not prevented from applying for grant awards from Solving Kids’ Cancer, but where they are an applicant or co-applicant on a grant application they must declare an interest and withdraw from any consideration of that application. That member will not receive documents pertaining to the application, learn the identity of its reviewers or receive the scorecards from those reviewers. He or she must retire from the meeting when the application is assessed, and details of discussion of that application will be deleted from any papers the member receives.

All the measures we have taken to avoid or resolve conflicts of interest are detailed in our full Conflict of Interest Policy which is available here.