Source prizes

Here are our top tips to sourcing free and fantastic prizes for your raffle!

Planning – be strategic!

  • Think about how much you want to raise and the value of your prizes. This will help you determine how much you sell them for.
  • Keep in mind who will be buying your tickets and what they would want to win?
  • Challenge yourself not to buy prizes but get them donated instead!
  • Think about the businesses in your local area and what they could offer..?
  • Remember, smaller independent organisations may be more likely to donate than a larger national organisation
  • Brainstorm who you know, then who they know! Can they help you?
  • Be sure to make your asks early so you have enough time to gather enough prizes.
  • Don’t forget to think about any expiry dates on prizes in relation to your raffle date!
  • If you have lots of smaller items, they could make one more valuable and attractive prize!
  • Go for quality over quantity!

Making the ask

  • Before you make an ask, take time to think about what you are fundraising for and why. This will help you communicate why you would like a prize donation and how it will help.
  • If you’re asked for written confirmation that you are organising a raffle for Solving Kids’ Cancer, we can provide it! Email us and request a letter of authority.
  • Think about anything you can give the business in return, and remember to tell then! If you’re organising a larger event, can you recognise their contribution publically, or promote their business to your audience?
  • If you’re making asks by email, try to find the name of the most relevant person to address your communication too.
  • Send a thank you note to everyone who donates a prize and let them know how successful your fundraising was and how their support helped the charity.


When you’re successful in securing a prize, make sure to iron out any terms and conditions surrounding the prize, including an expiration date. You’ll need to make any conditions clear to your audience too!

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