Steps to Success

Steps to Success

Don’t know where to begin? Here are our some initial steps to get you well on your way to fundraising success!

  1. Get personalised

Set up an online giving page- such as through JustGiving -and then personalise it to encourage donations! Then write a “Story” explaining why you’re raising funds for us, set a target (and increase it if the donations come flying in) and add a photo, perhaps of yourself smiling in our bright running vest!

  1. Spread the word

Your online giving page is all ready to go, now let everyone know! Send the link to friends, colleagues and family asking for donations and post on social media. But do think about the timing- choosing around pay day could work.

  1. Keep all updated

Don’t forget to keep everyone updated on your fundraising and training journeys. Let them know about that classic British rainy and muddy run you did on the weekend. If they’re kept updated and know you’re working hard they’ll be more likely to donate.

  1. Host an event/activity

From pub quizzes to time sweepstakes at work, there are many ways you can raise vital funds and have fun at the same time! Check out our A-Z of Fundraising Ideas. If you want personalised fundraising advice regarding an event or activity then just let Emma know. Also, look out for specific event ideas in upcoming articles!

  1. Be thankful

It’s important that you thank your supporters for their donations as soon as you can. Be personal. If they donated a particularly high amount why not write them a card?

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