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Charlotte’s heading off to University, years after overcoming neuroblastoma

Universities around the country are welcoming their newest wave of students as September comes to a close. For 18-year-old Charlotte, who lives in Stoke-on-Trent with her family, studying for her degree was far from certain growing up. She was diagnosed with neuroblastoma as a young child, a rare cancer that mostly affects children under the

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Phoebe beat neuroblastoma, now she’s almost ten years in remission and starting high school

“Having been through it, we see so many stories of children fighting neuroblastoma. We just want to give people hope now,” says Chris and Rona Macaskill, parents to nearly-teenage Phoebe. In September every year the back-to-school routine happens across the country. New shoes, new stationary, bigger uniforms. To most parents, it’s a chore. To parents

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Almost nine years in remission, Grace is growing up

“You would not know from looking at her that she had ever been really, really sick,” says Grace’s dad, Kevin. Grace was one of the very first children to fundraise with and be supported by Solving Kids’ Cancer (previously the 2 Simple Trust). Almost nine years in remission, Grace is like any other healthy kid.

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