Has your child been affected by neuroblastoma? Call 020 7284 0800 for help and information.

Support for neuroblastoma families


Our Care and Connect team is dedicated to supporting families affected by neuroblastoma with the unique challenges they face throughout their journeys. The team is on hand to:

  • Provide families with information and guidance on neuroblastoma, treatments, clinical trials and new advances in research.
  • Connect families with other families similarly affected by neuroblastoma to share information, experiences and support.
  • Provide information about our annual Neuroblastoma Parent Education Conference, which is free for families to attend, and an opportunity to learn from, and question, global experts on neuroblastoma clinical research and supportive care.
  • Talk to families about the process of fundraising for clinical trials abroad, and the option of setting up a fundraising campaign with Solving Kids’ Cancer.
  • Provide logistical support for families to make arrangements to access a clinical trial abroad, and to prepare for repeat trips.
  • Liaise with external support organisations (where necessary) to coordinate family support on behalf of families.

At the forefront of supporting families is:

Family Coordinator (Vicky Inglis) who is the main point of contact for families at the charity. Vicky applies her personal experience and knowledge of neuroblastoma, to identify and address families’ needs, aiming for the best possible outcome each time.

Director of Research Programs, Solving Kids’ Cancer U.S. (Donna Ludwinski), who possesses vast knowledge of the neuroblastoma research landscape, having spent a large part of the past 11 years reading and reporting on clinical research on pediatric solid tumours and attending major oncology conferences. Donna sits on many prominent paediatric oncology boards including the Food and Drug Administration, New Approaches to Neuroblastoma Therapy (NANT), Coalition Against Childhood Cancer (CAC2), Society for the Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) and the National Cancer Institute (NCA). As a staunch parent advocate, she is passionate about providing resources to neuroblastoma families and guiding them through the realms of clinical trials to empower their decision-making.

Reach out to the team for help and support at any point throughout your journey with neuroblastoma at support@solvingkidscancer.org.uk

Note: Solving Kids’ Cancer encourages families to seek advice and information about clinical trials from their oncologist. The information we provide is objective and impartial; and aims to provide families with additional tools to support their decision-making.

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