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THANK YOU for your donation to support Zakky Brennan’s fundraising campaign with Solving Kids’ Cancer. Zakky’s family are incredibly grateful for the kindness you’ve show to their son:

“You will never know how much each and every penny donated means to us. It’s the most heart-warming feeling knowing that everyone is behind our boy. Because of your support, we can give him the chance he deserves and have hope that we can keep him cancer free”.

Zakky was diagnosed with neuroblastoma a day before his 3rd birthday. He fell ill quickly and had to start treatment as a matter of urgency. His treatment has included; multiple infusions of different chemotherapy drugs; stem cell rescue; surgery; radiotherapy and immunotherapy. When his frontline treatment ended in the UK, there were no more treatment options available to him here. A daunting prospect for his family in the knowledge of high rates of relapse with such poor prognosis, they identified the DFMO clinical trial in Michigan to continue his cancer therapy and try to keep his neuroblastoma away. Unable to fund the incredible cost alone, we launched a public appeal to raise £134,000.

Thanks to the kind-heartedness of people like you, Zakky’s family were able to raise the funds needed and travelled to Michigan on 2nd January 2017 for Zakky’s first round of treatment at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. Spread over two years, Zakky will need six rounds of treatment in total. You can follow his journey via his Facebook page.

Neuroblastoma is a particularly aggressive childhood cancer which Solving Kids’ Cancer is dedicated to fighting. We help families to cope with the challenges it presents, including fundraising to access promising clinical trials abroad, whilst working hard to improve, and increase, treatment options available to children here in the UK.

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