We can defeat neuroblastoma, but not without action

We are appealing for your help to advance our work, which is to identify and fund neuroblastoma research, and advocate for positive change to find a cure for children affected by this cruel disease.

Within the last week it has taken two beautiful souls, Bradley Lowery and Eileidh Paterson. They hadn’t even got started in life. And sadly, their stories are not unique; many children diagnosed with high risk neuroblastoma suffer the same fate. The survival rate is just 30-40% so the odds are stacked against them from the very beginning.

As a result, an absolutely fundamental part of our work is identifying and funding international clinical research to achieve less toxic and more effective treatments for children. We collaborate with other charities, academic consortia and industry, to work smarter and faster to advance the science that will lead to a cure. We also work to break down the barriers that slow down research including lack of funding, but this is something we have the power to change together. Very simply, the more funds we can raise for research, the quicker we can reach a cure, and the sooner we can prevent the unnecessary and undeserved suffering of children.

By making a donation today, or by starting your fundraising, you’ll be helping children stand a better chance of beating this disease in the future.

You can text DNBL99 £1-10 to 70070 or visit our campaign page to donate online or start your fundraising today.